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As the top Campground, RV Park & Resorts Team in Alberta, LIANG Commercial realtors’ mission is to be the single strategic advisors to our clients for the provision of hotel, motel, hospitality, and leisure-focused real estate services. Whether you would like to buy/sell a campground, RV park, resort, bed & breakfast, golf course, hotel/motel business or business with property, you will be working with a group of professional business and commercial sale agents, who devote their careers to this sector, understand the intricacies of the sale, and will provide extensive guidance to help you achieve your business and investment objectives.

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To List a Campground, RV Park, Resort or Golf Course

Please contact Bruce Liang, President, M.Sc, P.Eng, at 403-606-0112 / 780-802-5918 or by email for a free evaluation and consultation.

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For buyer and listing inquiry, please contact one of our Hotel & Motel specialists with listing number. 

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